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Welcome to Unleash the Beats!

The #1 source of cheer and dance music for public use.

Why Unleash the Beats?

Creating professional cheer and dance mixes for your schools or clients has become more than just knowing how to slice and layer effects. Navigating complicated music licensing regulations can stop you dead in your tracks and put you at risk, along with your school or clients. The team at Yes! Music have created a way to easily obtain a Master License to use any of our recordings in your cheer and dance competitions.

We've Unleashed the beats of almost 50,000 tracks to give you access to killer recordings of today’s hits and yesterday’s classics. We also provide elements like isolated vocal and instrumental versions so you can isolate and accentuate exactly what you want to create drama and excitement.

What will I get?

Once you pay your Master License Fee, you receive the full master recording in uncompressed wav format and as a bonus you are eligible to receive the clean vocal performance and instrumental mix so you can utilize different variations of the recording to fit your cheer routine. Newest songs are available immediately, older songs require 24­ to 48 hours to compile assets. If the song is older than 10 years, there is a good chance we will not be able to provide the vocal performance, but we will dig deep on those to make sure you have all that we have.

How Much is a License?

We license you a single use license of a master recording for only $20, which could cost as much as $5000 from a major label. If you are planning to use multiple songs in your cheer or dance routine, you can opt for a Gold Pack and save 25% when you prepay for 10 recordings. Use your credits as you wish and save!

Why can't I just use iTunes?

As the owners of the recordings, our master license to you grants the right you need to be able to mix and edit our recording. You can’t get that right from stores like iTunes and Amazon. Your purchases at those stores are limited to “personal, non­commercial use.”

What rights do I have to the music I license?

Your single use license grants you the right to edit and mix the recording with other licensed recordings for 1 client, for 1 school cheer or dance mix.

Do I need to pay royalties to anyone?

We’ve also paid the music publishers for each full song you license; not just for the full mix, but also for the instrumental and vocal performances as well. We’ve gone a step further by paying the Full US Statutory Mechanical Rate for an additional 40 “copies” of each song so you can distribute copies to your client and its team members as reasonably needed. No royalties are due to us for the copies you need to make to distribute to your client.

What the Pro's are Saying

“UCA loves working with YES on our summer camp music! We are amazed at the number of songs to choose from ranging from older music to what is currently playing on the radio! We have been thrilled with every track we have received and 2016 is definitely the best music we have ever had!"
-Josh, V!ROC
"Our 2015 camp season sounded better than ever"
-Kip, NCA Staff

How do I get started?

Set up your account today and start browsing and downloading the music you need to create your next winning mix.

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