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I am trying to create an account, but i keep getting an error message.

If you are trying to set up an account and keep getting this error – “Something went wrong” , then you probably already have an account set up. Try to login again or click here to reset your password. Reset

New Coach and need some direction on where to get started?

We got you. Email your questions to We can answer your questions, direct you to editors and provide guidance on anything you might have questions about.

How does the license process work and where do i get the license to show USA Cheer?

During the checkout process, you will enter the name of the team/school that you are licensing the track for. You’ll then see the license on the screen during checkout, after you’ve entered credit card, but obviously before your order is processed. It is the following page of checkout where you can review and must acknowledge the simple terms before we charge your account. Once you pay the license fee, you get an email with the inline license and the reference to the team/school so you can have that for your records. If you are editing for a team, you can forward that to the team for competition so the team can show the tracks have been licensed. NEW: You can forward your licenses directly to others by visiting your Account page on our website, clicking on an order, and entering an email address and clicking SEND.

Can I change the team name on my license?

If you made a mistake on your license, contact our customer service department and they can make the change to reissue a license.

What are these credit packs all about?

Credit packs are simply a way to manage your clients and billing and take advantage of discounts when you think you will need to license 5 or more tracks. Further discounts are available for 10-packs and beyond, See our Pricing link at the top of this page. Buy Your Cheer Packs first in a separate transaction, then start a new order with track licenses separately to redeem credits.

If I license tracks from am I compliant with the USA Cheer guidelines or other competition organizers?

Unleash the Beats was the first compliant music supplier of USA Cheer. The published guidelines for usage of cover recordings require that only if “…the purchase/license of the cover recording includes an explicit right to alter the cover recordings and create new works from these cover recording elements.” We grant you the right to alter our recordings for this purpose, so you will not have any issue using our tracks for competition.

How will I know whether an acappella or instrumental is available?

We recently updated our site to display whether a track “bundled for delivery” contains the Acapella and Instrumentals along with the Main Full mix you are licensing. Mouse over the “?” above the column that has “FAI”, “F”, “A” or “-” for an explanation of those codes. Note: Tracks that have a “-” in this field are not yet collected/bundled for distribution so we have not yet been able to determine what bonus content exists. As a rule of thumb, if our mix was produced more than 10 years ago, we might not have access to the acappella. We know how valuable those elements are for editors, so we go to great effort to search the archives for every new license bundle we create.

I see a song on the Coming Soon list, but when is it coming?

Track production takes several weeks after we produce the acappella/vocal performances. We know how important that part is to a mix, so we are now making those available as we receive them from our producers. The license fee is the same as the full version that will come 1-3 weeks later. If you need both the full mix and the acappella, wait for the full version because we cannot provide you with a full mix under the original acappella license fee. You’ll then have to license the full Editor Bundle separately.

Why aren’t all of my tracks available immediately?

Our library is so large that we have bundled all tracks produced since 2016 and thousands of tracks produced before that. We work 7 days a week collecting these assets for you as new tracks are produced and older back catalog tracks are licensed. If you do not receive an email that your bundle is ready for retrieval within 24 business hours of a license, then we are probably taking an extra day or so (especially on weekends) to contact producers to see if those additional elements can be located.

Can I request a song to be produced?

We take song requests and pass them along to our production partners each and every week. If the track has industry and commercial appeal and adds value to our catalog, we will add it to our weekly production and bear the cost. If we determine that it is not a good fit for our catalog, and you want a song produced, and are willing to invest in it, we can produce and add it to our catalog for a fee. The track would be ingested into our catalog and made available for all to use so this request would not be exclusively licensed to you.

To make a song request , email and include details like whether you are only looking for a section, or vocals only.

I can’t remember my password, how can i reset it?

Click this link to reset: Reset

Can I get a refund?

Once a track is licensed, royalties are promptly paid out and therefore we can not provide refunds.

How do I reach you?

For questions regarding licensing, purchase orders, track delivery or other website questions, the best way to reach us is via email at We will respond same day.

Only song and production requests should be emailed to and include details like whether you are only looking for a section, or vocals only.

What is your address?

Company name & address: Da Capo Music LLC, PO Box 73097, Washington, DC 20009

Can I see your Privacy Policy?

We value your privacy. You can visit the Yes! Fitness Music privacy policy at Privacy Policy . Contact if you would like modifciations or deletion of yuor account.

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